Place of adverbs in sentences

Today I'm going to talk about the place of adverbs in sentences ..there is seven important point to know about adverbs :

1- In général,adverbs are placed before adjectives or participle of some verbs

example : She was very clever ; She has never been to England

2-if we have a transitive verb ; the adverb is placed after the object

example : He opened the door noisily

3-and if the object is an infinitive verb , the adverb is placed before the verb

example : They kindly asked me to stay for the night.

4-Adverbs :never, often, seldom, always, sometimes are placed before the main verb

example : I always do that ; I have often done that ; I will never do that

5-Adverb used with the verb "to be" are always placed after the verb ,
( except with "will be" (She will always be elegant ))

example : He is always late

6-Time adverbs : yesterday, today, tomorrow are placed in the end of the sentence

example : I went to this house yesterday.

7- and if you want to focus on time,you will place it in the beginning of the sentence

example : Yesterday, I went to his house.

that's all :) I hope that it will be useful