Exclamation may relate to a noun or a nominal group(noun phrase), a verb or verbal group, an adjective, an adverb.
It is used to express emotions such as surprise, admiration, regret, disgust, interest, etc.

1. Exclamation refers to a name or a nominal group:

It can be introduced by one of the two exclamatory words: what and such.

'What' with a name or a noun phrase:


with a countable noun:

What + determiner + adjective + countable noun
Ex: What a beautiful dress!

What + a (or an) + (adjective) + noun + (subject + verb).
Ex: what a pretty girl (she is)!

With an uncountable noun:

What + ø + adjective + uncountable noun
Ex: what delicious tea!

What + (adjective) + noun + (subject + verb)
Ex: What nice furniture (you have)!


with a countable noun:

What + ø + adjective +plural of the countable noun
Ex: What beautiful flowers!

What + (adjective) + noun + (subject + verb)
Ex: What beautiful flowers (you have)!

'Such' with a noun phrase:


Ex: She is such a nice person!


Ex: I always enjoy seeing such good films.

2. The exclamation refers to an adjective or an adverb:

It can be introduced by one of two exclamatory words: how and so.

We use 'so' when there is no name after the adjective or the adverb which the exclamation is referring to.

How + adjective or adverb + (subject + verb).
Ex: How lovely (you are)!

Subject + verb + so + adjective or adverb
Ex: This baby is so sweet!

3. The exclamation relates to a verb or verbal group:

How + verbal group.
Ex: How they talked!
How fast you drive!

So much preceded by the verb which the exclamation is reffering to
Ex: they talked so much!

*How and What are not here interrogative words. There is no inversion of the subject and the eventual verb.

*Some expressions are constructed with an uncountable noun preceded by a determiner
Ex: what a pity!

...that's all..express yourselves ! ;)