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Choose the correct answer.

1. Advertising firms understand our fears and desires at least…………., and they have at their disposal the expertise to exploit them.

as well as we understand them ourselves
to understand us as well as ourselves
themselves to understand us ourselves
so well to understand us ourselves

2. People who are generally more safety conscious ………. may choose to skate in safer areas such as parks or back yards.

and therefore more likely to wear gear
therefore wear gear more likely
and are more likely of wearing gear
are more likely to wear gear

3. One must practice the things which produce happiness, since if that is present we have everything …………. .

but when there is no happiness we simply do everything else
and if it is absent we do everything in order to have it
then when absent we do those things to produce happiness
with its being absent we do whatever to have it

4. Thoughts emerge from pure consciousness and are then reabsorbed in it, just as waves emerge from the ocean……… .

then dissolving in it once again
being dissolved in it again
and again to be dissolved into it
and dissolve into it again

5. Yet there are more than 30000 plants …….., so it is baffling that we are so …………. species.

On the planet as we know it … relying on very few
We know on the planet … relying on a few
Known on the planet … reliant on so few
The planet so known … reliant on few

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